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Freelance game artist and illustrator, teacher, and occasional comic artist. Has relations with crime dramas and Pacific Rim.

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Freelance game artist and illustrator, teacher, and is in the throes of comic making. Has relations with crime dramas and Pacific Rim.

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Don’t know if any of you remember the giveaway I had last year for a few of my Homestuck pieces? Well, those are still in the long process of going out, as I am doing the personal sketches that will accompany each one.

Aranea here is for princessfrost, who will also be receiving the on-paper, inked work from this piece. Or, it would be, but apparently princessfrost changed their tumblr name and now I can’t find them. :/ So… I’ll have to do some more searching. people should put all versions of their usernames in their tracked tags, seriously

DISASTER AVERTED. princessfrost is trickyfitness so now I am saved. XD

Homestuck Art Giveaway Winners!

Oof, sorry this took so long folks. Tumblr was a butt and wasn’t showing multiple reblogs, and I was hoping to have a work around, but I didn’t. So I decided that the least messy solution was just to give everyone who reblogged a grand total of three reblogs in the pool. So if you liked the post, you only got 1. If you reblogged, you got three. If you reblogged AND liked, you had a total of 4. I’m really sorry about this, and it will be kept in mind for future giveaways.

On to the winners! And remember, if you have won one of the drawings you didn’t really want, you are welcome to either gift it to a friend, or let me choose another winner (you will still get a sketch of a character of your choice shipped to you, that part of the reward does not change).

HOMESTUCK ART GIVEAWAY (a reminder for the prizes on this page)

Winner 3 - God Tier Vriska (and sketch) —-> caligulasacquirecum

Winner 2 - Magical Girl Aradia (and sketch) —-> princessfrost

Winner 1 - Troll Group Picture (and sketch) —-> yunitoony

And a special additional winner who will receive a hi res sketch emailed to them —-> rinacat

I’m posting up these winners really quickly during my lunch break, so I will contact you guys when I get home. BUT, if you see this and I haven’t messaged you yet, feel free to drop by my ask box and shoot me your mailing address and what you want your sketch to be (or let me know if you want to gift your prize or pass on it if you weren’t partial to what you got).

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