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Cleo had a tendency to disappear for months at a time. Usually letting at least Carrie or Roy know where she was going. Sometimes not. Carrie and Roy would eventually start betting each other on what sort of strange object or story or SOMETHING Cleo would come back with, creating individual BINGO cards for themselves with an array or ideas.

Cleo came bouncing back in to the morgue one day, vibrating from head to toe and grinning “Guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat?” Before opening her mouth and proudly showing off a new bifurcated tongue. Oddly enough, one of them did get to mark it off their BINGO card. The next time the other got to mark off “a shrunken head gift” when Cleo placed one on Roy’s desk.

More sort-of-canon-but-maybe-not-if-I-change-my-mind stuff featuring my criminal investigator, Cleo.

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