So cosplay. That was a thing I did for the very first time at this years PAX. With the help of a friend who very generously donated her scalemate plush, glasses, and horns, I was able to go as Terezi on Saturday.

So entirely out of my comfort zone, but a lot of fun, and I got a picture with a Dave (which was totally my goal all along, so thank you Dave person!). Unfortunately, a lot of these pictures happened near the end of the day when my makeup was rubbing off. Oops. And apologies for no full arm socks. Didn’t have time to make fingers, and honestly, I wanted to still be able to use my iPhone.

I do want to do it again though. LARP Terezi would be fun. I just wish people wouldn’t expect me to act in character? That was a little awkward.

5 September 2012 ·

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