Success! I present to you the set of our Mane Six as super heroes (or villains as the case may be) in some handy, postcard sized neatness. I ordered enough to have 10 sets of these guys, and one of them I am giving away here on Tumblr!

Oh, but that isn’t all! There will be TWO winners!

Winner 1: The set of six postcards shown above (Fluttershy not included), along with a hi res digital illustration of a pony of your choice dressed up as you wish (if I dressed up a pony differently from what you wanted, or if you want a completely new pony). OCs will be acceptable. You don’t have to follow the super hero theme either if you don’t want to.

Winner 2: A hi res digital illustration of a pony of your choice dressed up as you wish. Same as winner 1, you just won’t get the postcards. Just, uh, keep these rated G (that goes for you too winner 1).


  • Obviously, I’m going to need your address to mail these, so you have to feel comfortable sharing that with me. I don’t care where you are, I’ll ship these wherever!
  • Reblog ONCE. Come on, seeing multiple reblogs for giveaways in your feed is annoying for followers. I won’t remove you from the pool if you reblog more than once, but you can only get one count for reblogging. (Also, I will be checking that the reblogs actually exist. If you reblog and then delete, you won’t be included.)
  • Likes count.
  • After you like or reblog, a follow will count as another chance as well (you must like or reblog FIRST though so I know which followers want to be included)! That means you have THREE chances to be picked randomly: reblog, like, and follow.
  • Your ask box must be open when I pick the winners! How else am I going to contact you? You also have two days after being contacted to reply back before I pick another winner.
  • I will randomly pick the two winners on APRIL 1ST.

I would love to pick winners sooner, but I will be busy preparing for Emerald City Comicon at the end of March, where I will be selling the other 9 sets of these ponies, as well as an art book, small original art pieces, and commissions.

Happy blogging guys! (And for you non-pony people, I’ll try and do some other, non-fandom specific giveaways in the future.)

11 March 2012 ·

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